Ebb and Flow: Photography

In a divergence from the usual outfits posts and culture bites, this is a little photographic exploration I embarked on for a friends zine. Mint Magazine is a new publication ...

I stole his jeans

Sass & Bide The Staring Role blazer | Cameo the Label white and sheer shirt | W’s jeans | Wittner boots | Tiffany and Co necklace | Marc by Marc ...

Photo Diary: Japan

1. Cosplay at Harajuku 2. Goddess of Mercy at Fushimi Inari Shrine 3. Disneyland, heck yeah! 4. Awesome Prada store, Omotesando 5. Off duty maid cafe girls, Akihabara 6. The best ...

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You Rad Thing Has Moved!

you rad thing title flowers

You Rad Thing has moved!

It’s an exciting time for this little blog. With new sections on the way like ‘travel’ and ‘shop’, it was time for this humble blogger to find a new home. You will now find You Rad Thing residing at youradthing.com – how exciting!

Come and have a look around and give the new blog some loving – and of course – stay in the loop and join the mailing list!

See you round at the new blog soon,

Stay Rad x x

Hi There, Let’s Catch Up

recent activites and escapades

I’m not one terribly fond of the “sorry dearest readers – I have been busy living a life away from my computer screen and having  too much fun to even sit still for 3 minutes” post. However, (and I am trying in vain to say this without making it that cheesy aforementioned post), however! I have been busy with some exciting things to share with you all, yet not all adeventures away from the computer screen. To talk about that one to begin with: I have been made the Adelaide Editor in Charge of the amazing Fashion Global blog, right in time for a crap-ton of sweet events and collaborations (but more on those in a moment). This means an awful lot of work on the computer (but at the back end of another blog, I still love you, You Rad Thing, please don’t be jealous), but also working with some amazing bloggers here in Adelaide and writing some amazing articles that I didn’t have the chance with over here.

On the topic of meeting new (and awesome) people, in the last month I have met with some very talented Adelaideans, including some sweet collaborations. I met Stacey Hendrickson, designer and head honcho at Casper & Pearl for an interview and launch, and hey presto, a few weeks later she gathered together a few of Adelaide’s top fashion bloggers, including Iona  from The Urban Silhouette, Jody from Silky Bow  and Georgia from Girl About Town, for a morning tea collaboration with her darling new season designs! Hit up this post to check out the cool pictures and our style files (complete with hand drawings. Ha.).

Fashion Global had the chance to collaborate with Adelaide lass Chelsea Templeton’s fabulous up and coming label Chelsea Eve, which of course we were over the moon about. We shot a look book with Phoebe Ann Photography at the Royal Adelaide Show, and let me tell you, the colours will fill every corner of your brain. And I mean that in the nicest, ‘a-rampaging-unicorn-just-threw-up-last-nights-rainbow-all-over-your-white-sofa’ kind of way. Seriously. What a fun day. I Can’t wait to share the pictures with you very soon on Fashion Global (if your not already checking out and following – GO NOW. I will wait). This whole thing came about because of the exciting event September Collection happening in Adelaide this Thursday night, to celebrate and revel in a score of Adelaide’s emerging design talent, Chelsea Eve included. My kind of thing. Grab a ticket and support the Royal Society for the Blind and come join us at Loft Wine Bar for a cheeky champagne or two!

You may have noticed a picture from clothing boutique ‘If You’re A Bird’ in the picmix above. This was a really fun collaboration with an old friend of mine who recently opened her very own clothing boutique! I have mentioned it before, but her lovely store supports local designers in a big way and she has a lovely collection to peruse through, so check out the online store here. I also really want to share the pictures we took one sunny, yet wintry day in the Adelaide hills – so stay tuned.

That about wraps it up my lovelies. Thanks for the patience, thanks for baring with my absence (how did you all ever cope? o.O), sorry for the overload of hyperlinks, and stay tuned for more shenanigans from You Rad Thing.

Stay Rad and much love x x

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Ebb and Flow: Photography

a sea view blending into sand fabric ripples feet in the foam folds hands and waves silver and white

In a divergence from the usual outfits posts and culture bites, this is a little photographic exploration I embarked on for a friends zine. Mint Magazine is a new publication to come out monthly online (and print of you would prefer) which showcases some pretty darn awesome work from creatives from Adelaide and around the globe. Each month has a theme, in this case the idea of Flux, and this is a foray into an area which I am very passionate about but often don’t get the opportunity to indulge in: fashion photography. Big thanks to my sister for being in the photos for once (rather than the other side of the camera taking pictures of me).

Holidaying on the coast of the Fleurieu Peninsular several times a year with my family has bestowed on me a familiarity with this certain part of the ocean, and to me it feels approachable in ways that other stretches of coast never have. It doesn’t seem to mind if I get all retrospective on it when we get together each year, particularly the wintry tête à têtes, hair tousled by the tempestuous lover that is the wind, the watery dialogue the perfect nostalgic companion. A setting that only the best of moody contemplation can accompany.

Inspired by the continuous flow of the ocean, I aimed to capture the graceful movement of the wind rippling though fabric, with textures of water and colours of sand. I love the way the movement mirrors one another and the boundaries between fabric and water blend, as in metallurgy and fusing metals. There is also strength in the ability for fabrics to move in such a yielding and fluid way, mimicking surrounds so as not to become a casualty of the weather, yet defiant, as they seem to come alive with the energy of the wind.

Standing in the water on the edge of the earth will never fail to produce a state of flux, particularly in such a surreal surrounding as this mid-winter foam and surf.; that uncertainty fueled with longing. The yearning is untargeted and a byproduct of staring out to sea, a changing landscape that, in its vastness, seems constant. I wanted to evoke that undefined and ambiguous longing, which makes tangible longing all the harder.

To view the other contributions for the magazine and check out the past issues please head to Mint Magazine’s facebook page or view this issue online here.

Say Rad x x

I stole his jeans

boyfriend jeans sass & bide sequin jacketsass & bide white jacket boyfriend jeansstreetstyle boyfriend jeans sass and bidesass & bide white jacket and boyfriend jeanssass & bide jacket street style white

Sass & Bide The Staring Role blazer | Cameo the Label white and sheer shirt | W’s jeans | Wittner boots | Tiffany and Co necklace | Marc by Marc Jacobs guitar watch

Quite frankly, we were never meant to be friends.

In fact, you were kept at great lengths from me, since I have failed on so many accounts to serve as a good, loving and respecting friend. The kind of friend that could nourish and treasure, and not relentlessly wreck, rip, stain or emasculate. Boyfriend clothes that have become my own. A product of fascination, clothing positioned on the the other side of the wardrobe, through the metaphorical looking glass.

The definitive element of allure lies in the destruction of the gender barrier, in which this type of pant is attractive on a particular sex. And now ladies, by popular demand, we have our own boyfriend jeans, without necessitating short skirts and slinky nights out. By all accounts, jeans modelled on the boyfriend paradigm. Slouchy, tousled, debonair. And in no way appropriate for a male.

Does their tendency to confuse me make me want them any less? Heck no, my friends! I have in fact found a tidy little pair I will gladly show you soon (praise be to the retail gods) and more gladly call my own. So far, they fit spectacularly better than this pair, regardless of how dashing I feel. (Could it have something to do with different body shapes, or simply the mental block of which gender they were made for?). I think it comes down to the feeling you have when you are wearing a good pair of jeans, regardless of the gender ambitions. I dont wear jeans often, and so reaching this conclusion means it is hard, but very important search, even if that brings me to the other side of the wardrobe and the land of the jabberwocky .

Not to mention boyfriend jeans look positively dapper with a blazer toped with white sequin dappled shoulders. I feel like a princess. Who said it all had to be masculine?

Stay rad y’all.

Morrison VIP Night Adelaide

Elli Agars and Kylie Radford from Morrison Clothing
Morrison Clothing boutique Adelaide

The most recent instalment of Rundle Street East’s VIP nights was held at the Morrison boutique, on Wednesday the 26th of June, with owner and head designer Kylie Radford. Kylie recounted Adelaide’s fashion elite of the humble beginnings of the brand through one popular pair of pants, which sold 25 000 pairs in just a few years. 6 years on and with a string of stores across the nation, Morrison Clothing reflects a passion for creating quality designs for empowered women.

Offering her own personal styling tips for Morrison’s Winter ’13 collection Antecedent, and other personal favourite pieces, the VIP guests were offered a rare insight into the design and construction process, and the attention to detail for each and every item of clothing. Muted prints echoed a tropical vibe toned downed for winter wearability, while prints in shades of grey, black and white personified the classic, yet sleek Morrison woman. Luxurious leather was skillfully paired with tweed, while charcoal and nougat knitted shades proved Morrison’s affinity for drapes and layers. A standout piece for Fashion Global was the leather Costa dress, this season in a creamy caramel shade of soft leather, with an asymmetrical hemline and characteristic draping (modeled in black by Kylie Radford on the night).

The night was full of friendly people with a united love of fashion from all over Adelaide. Kylie’s warmth and approachability guaranteed a fun night, and included her jumping behind the counter and serving customers, her designs sating our appetite for stunning clothes. Guests included Selena Battersby editor of Attitude, Jodi Nash of SA Style, the stylish crew from Fashion Squared and the lovely ladies from The Urban Silhouette. Hosted by East End property owners the Maras Group, guests sipped on Dandelion Vineyard wines and goodie bags included a take home sample as well as other treats from Haighs, Jurlique, Tbar and Palace Nova Cinemas.

This was written for Fashion Global with help from lovely Fashion Global contributor Siobhan Smyth.

Stay rad x x

The Secret Beach

Keepsake wind in the willows dress street style beachvintage fur and Keepsake dress at the beachKeepsake wind in the willows dress beach stylevintage fur coat street styleKeepsake wind in the willows dress beach

Vintage fur coat | Keepsake the Label white dress | Riccardo Banfi ombre boots | Chloe sunglasses | Tiffany & Co key necklace

While I am quite at my liberty to discus the appropriateness of fur at the beach, remember my friends that it is winter, and in winter one aims to be warm. I can hear you scoffing behind your gloves under the present photographic circumstances, however, this was one of those ‘unseasonably warm’ days you sometimes hear about, yet rarely catch, and which Adelaide has had its fair share of in the past few days. So with bare legs, high spirits and a juncture of the best parts of two opposing seasons in one outfit, my sister and I attempted the treck to what is known in our family (and other inner circles) as The Secret Beach (capitals necessary).

This particular cove is nestled in the recesses of a very lovely beach frequented by my family and many of our friends, over steep, rocky outcrops and with the help of a very narrow foot-worn path. The winter sunlight streaming over the rocks and the summer spirit of my Keepsake full circle skirt romanticises the hilarious struggle down rock faces, against bracing winds with icy southern waters below, but I do love  the admirable fight of the shoestring straps to remain calm in such an adverse environment.

The underlying theme here is of course exploration,  in which nothing other than the most trustworthy of footwear will do. These are my Ricccardo Banfi gumboots. A combination of rubber durability and leather form, they traverse the ever hard to navigate situation that is a winter, when comfort begrudgingly wins out over style (I joke of course, this never happens…). Yet these perfectly blend simple winter aesthetics with waterproof functionality. In fact the eloquent phrase ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ may have been bandied about. Well, I am a pretty articulate lass.

Stay Rad x

Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014

As succulent and dripping in colour as an assorted bowl of summer fruit, Collette Dinnigan’s Resort collection is in glaring contrast to the dramatic black collection of Fall. The lust-worthy colour scheme is emboldened by dramatic oversized sequins, raffia detailing and English style embroidery to which she attached a moderate degree of the 1960s. Demure hemlines of pencil skirts and white cotton dresses were played off against brazen mini shorts, balanced with oversized shirts with mid length sleeves, while simple white structures were punctuated with mesh insets for a point of difference.

More than just a demonstration to the art of colour blocking (or mashing in some cases), Dinnigan juxtaposes the textures of sequins, lace and beading in contradiction of prints (a la Orla Keily) and the classic Breton stripe. Fishscale pencil skirts in ocean blue and orange heightened the nautical vibe, anchoring the collection in its strictly summer aspect.

Accompaniments were kept minimal, extending only to neutral summer wedges and a sleek metallic T-bar heel, along with a fraying wide brim straw hat. Dinnigan eschewed typical sexiness, but rather created, she said, for the woman who makes the clothes look sexy. The ball is in our court, ladies.

Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014 Collette Dinnigan Resort 2014

To view the full collection head on over to Fashion Global, a new online fashion destination based in my hometown of Adelaide. Have a look around, you might spot some more articles written by me 😉

Stay Rad x x

Dreaming in white

all white with redwhite jacket with braidsred statement neckacewhite on white brocade jacketbraided hair back shot

H&M brocade jacket, dress and vest | Topshop lace-up boots and socks | Bauhouse necklace | cherri bellini bracelet | $1 watch from Diaso, Tokyo

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you about the whole winter white’s thing. Rules be damned! This is a perfect example of the great ways in which to layer pieces all in the same colour. Varying textures, lengths and cuts. knitted over lace. Brocade over knit. Each layer getting heavier, knits and jackets symptomatic of cooler months and therefore signalling a winter look, and not one of spring or summer. I cannot get enough of this dress from H&M, and my sincerest apologies to the friends and family who have had to suffer its company any time they have asked for mine. The simple ease at which it dresses up and down, and the point of difference in the length and side splits, seals its fate as my go to dress for the moment. Who needs a revealing skirt to feel gorgeous?

I do have to wear an awful lot of black for work, so I do enjoy working the whole single colour look, and black is very sleek and timeless. But there is something very romantic and innocent about white. The subtle shadow plays are so much more cutting, the feeling fresher and more carefree.  I will admit that white can be somewhat problematic in winter, when struggling tenaciously against wind, rain and other elements (present for example in the notoriously wintery Adelaide Hills). The answer for that particular forecast would, of course, be to steer away from the full white ensemble and opt instead for a flash of white, and a top or statement jacket over black.

Or brave it with a pair of gumboots. Hey, at least your feet are being practical!

Stay Rad x x

Do it like a dude

masculine inspired street style 4 masculine inspired street style 3masculine street stylemasculine inspired street stylepatent purple brogues

Zara blazer from W | First Light The Label contrast shirt | Orbin white shorts | Marcopizzi patent brogues and earrings from cherri bellini | Chloe tan satchel

I love everything about masculine tailoring. Look sharp, pulled together and fashionable, all while feeling comfortable. It must be annoying for W to constantly have me steeling his beloved clothes (wearing them to death and then surreptitiously returning them to his side of the wardrobe without saying a word), but often ‘male inspired’ clothes for women just don’t ‘cut’ it as far as the right feeling goes. (Take this shirt for example which just wouldn’t work if it was made for a woman). Hence why I am still struggling to find ‘boyfriend jeans’. They all feel wrong for me.

Unlike these white, high-waisted shorts which feel very right. A recent purchase from Lanie at her new boutique If You’re A Bird, along with the contrast white shirt with black collar, she has a beautiful collection of  local and international labels. Hoping to make her boutique a showcase for local Adelaide labels, the displays are refreshingly more bespoke than your average boutique. Pop in to her Glen Osmond Rd store and check out the lovely range.

Stay rad x x

Photo Diary: Japan

Cosplay in HarajukuGoddess of MercyDisneylandPrada Store OmotesandoIMG_7556Dean and DeLuca cinnamon scroll Shinjukuwhite on white tokyoTemple-of-the-Golden-PavillionJapanese-Spider-Crab-OsakaDean and Deluca Shinjuku storefloral pants and bootsJapanese Lanternsosaka style okonomiyakiCastle in the sky robot ghibliDecor at Forbidden Fruits OmotesandoCrepe stand in harajukuCinderella and Prince Charming DisneylandIMG_7538Osaka-Aquarium-dolphinsSake kegs HarajukuFushimi Inari torii gates kyotoCastles in Osakashrine-flags-in-Kyoto-Brown Rice CafeShrine PinwheelsRiver view in OsakaStudio ghibli ticketsForbidden Fruits window display OmotesandoCrepes in Harajuku Japan

1. Cosplay at Harajuku 2. Goddess of Mercy at Fushimi Inari Shrine 3. Disneyland, heck yeah! 4. Awesome Prada store, Omotesando 5. Off duty maid cafe girls, Akihabara 6. The best cinnamon scrolls. EVER 7. Visiting shrines, wearing white 8. Temple of the Golden Pavillion 9. Giant Japanese spider crab – these things are huge! 10. Deliciousness from Dean & DeLuca 11. Floral pants 12. Lanterns in the garden of a shrine 13. Okonomiyaki, Osaka style 14. Studio Ghibli Museum, this is the robot from Laputa, Castle in the Sky ^.^ 15. Decor at the amazing Forbidden Fruit cafe – some of the best juices going ’round 16. Crepe goodness in Harajuku 17. Standard celebrity shot 18. The streets of Akihabara 19. Dolphins at Osaka Aquarium 20. Sake kegs 21. Fushimi Anari shrines, Kyoto 22. Castle views 23. Shrine pennants in the breeze 24. The awesome fare at organic and vegetarian cafe Brown Rice 25. Shrine pinwheels 26. Osaka 27. Studio Ghibli Museum tickets 28. More decor at Forbidden Fruit 29. One of many.

This is seriously one of the coolest places on earth. I’m sure you have read bits and pieces, still words fail. This is the easiest way to describe my time in Japan. Cannot wait till I get the chance to go back.

x x