Blossom in Osaka


H&M hat and jacket | One Piece fan t-shirt | Vintage Le Ciel Bleu pants | cherri bellini brogues and necklace | Mimco bag | Chloe sunglasses

There is something about living out of a suitcase that never fails to create some killer (read: lazy) go-to outfits. Not only when the clothes towards the bottom are crinkled and therefore end up in the too hard basket, but chiefly those that are a: weather related and b: comfort related.

Yes, I am slightly more on the boho side rather than chic side of the 70’s fence today but I have tried to sate my urge for oversized winter outer layers (see here, particularly more marshmallow shaped in person than in the picture). That smooth shoulder found in all the neoprene, yet is ever so slightly 80’s, but hard to get right. The pants are beautifully tailored and thrifted form a designer second hand store and probably the only pair in Japan that was going to fit my 5’8″ frame, but are still oh so gorgeous, in that beautiful retro mustard. The one piece t-shirt (a popular anime series in which the main character is made of rubber and has aspirations of becoming the best pirate in the world, you know, standard boy-to-man story) is my *ahem* go to bed shirt… This is a nice little blend of all my comfort pieces at easy access, and affords me great comfort day, and night. The fact that im channeling the spirit of jazz with the fedora and brogues is, of course, a happy coincidence.

Aside from clothes my enjoyment today stemmed from the enjoyment of others. This isn’t meant to sound altruistic. More so the fact that as I voyeuristically wandered around Osaka Castle (with a moat that would knock your socks off) I glimpsed a real picture on the way people celebrate the spring here. The fleetingly beautiful blossom creates an amazing blend of joy and anxiety, in the way that the delicate, velvety petals will only last for a week or two, at most. And people really make the most of it. Stunning weddings, first dates, outrageously well organised outdoor picnics under the blossom and, in general, each person keenly aware of their surrounds.

I seriously plan on not making plans at least one day this week and just sitting in a park with a drink or two. I hope I can manage such a small, yet difficult task.

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Author:Elli Agars

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2 Comments on “Blossom in Osaka”

  1. April 17, 2013 at 12:58 am #

    love the outfit! very inspiring!
    hi, my blog is celebrating our 1yr blog birthday with an international giveaway with over S$1400 worth of prizes to be won!! Hope you will drop by and join our giveaway!


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