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Hi There, Let’s Catch Up

recent activites and escapades

I’m not one terribly fond of the “sorry dearest readers – I have been busy living a life away from my computer screen and having  too much fun to even sit still for 3 minutes” post. However, (and I am trying in vain to say this without making it that cheesy aforementioned post), however! I have been busy with some exciting things to share with you all, yet not all adeventures away from the computer screen. To talk about that one to begin with: I have been made the Adelaide Editor in Charge of the amazing Fashion Global blog, right in time for a crap-ton of sweet events and collaborations (but more on those in a moment). This means an awful lot of work on the computer (but at the back end of another blog, I still love you, You Rad Thing, please don’t be jealous), but also working with some amazing bloggers here in Adelaide and writing some amazing articles that I didn’t have the chance with over here.

On the topic of meeting new (and awesome) people, in the last month I have met with some very talented Adelaideans, including some sweet collaborations. I met Stacey Hendrickson, designer and head honcho at Casper & Pearl for an interview and launch, and hey presto, a few weeks later she gathered together a few of Adelaide’s top fashion bloggers, including Iona  from The Urban Silhouette, Jody from Silky Bow  and Georgia from Girl About Town, for a morning tea collaboration with her darling new season designs! Hit up this post to check out the cool pictures and our style files (complete with hand drawings. Ha.).

Fashion Global had the chance to collaborate with Adelaide lass Chelsea Templeton’s fabulous up and coming label Chelsea Eve, which of course we were over the moon about. We shot a look book with Phoebe Ann Photography at the Royal Adelaide Show, and let me tell you, the colours will fill every corner of your brain. And I mean that in the nicest, ‘a-rampaging-unicorn-just-threw-up-last-nights-rainbow-all-over-your-white-sofa’ kind of way. Seriously. What a fun day. I Can’t wait to share the pictures with you very soon on Fashion Global (if your not already checking out and following – GO NOW. I will wait). This whole thing came about because of the exciting event September Collection happening in Adelaide this Thursday night, to celebrate and revel in a score of Adelaide’s emerging design talent, Chelsea Eve included. My kind of thing. Grab a ticket and support the Royal Society for the Blind and come join us at Loft Wine Bar for a cheeky champagne or two!

You may have noticed a picture from clothing boutique ‘If You’re A Bird’ in the picmix above. This was a really fun collaboration with an old friend of mine who recently opened her very own clothing boutique! I have mentioned it before, but her lovely store supports local designers in a big way and she has a lovely collection to peruse through, so check out the online store here. I also really want to share the pictures we took one sunny, yet wintry day in the Adelaide hills – so stay tuned.

That about wraps it up my lovelies. Thanks for the patience, thanks for baring with my absence (how did you all ever cope? o.O), sorry for the overload of hyperlinks, and stay tuned for more shenanigans from You Rad Thing.

Stay Rad and much love x x

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The Secret Beach

Keepsake wind in the willows dress street style beachvintage fur and Keepsake dress at the beachKeepsake wind in the willows dress beach stylevintage fur coat street styleKeepsake wind in the willows dress beach

Vintage fur coat | Keepsake the Label white dress | Riccardo Banfi ombre boots | Chloe sunglasses | Tiffany & Co key necklace

While I am quite at my liberty to discus the appropriateness of fur at the beach, remember my friends that it is winter, and in winter one aims to be warm. I can hear you scoffing behind your gloves under the present photographic circumstances, however, this was one of those ‘unseasonably warm’ days you sometimes hear about, yet rarely catch, and which Adelaide has had its fair share of in the past few days. So with bare legs, high spirits and a juncture of the best parts of two opposing seasons in one outfit, my sister and I attempted the treck to what is known in our family (and other inner circles) as The Secret Beach (capitals necessary).

This particular cove is nestled in the recesses of a very lovely beach frequented by my family and many of our friends, over steep, rocky outcrops and with the help of a very narrow foot-worn path. The winter sunlight streaming over the rocks and the summer spirit of my Keepsake full circle skirt romanticises the hilarious struggle down rock faces, against bracing winds with icy southern waters below, but I do love  the admirable fight of the shoestring straps to remain calm in such an adverse environment.

The underlying theme here is of course exploration,  in which nothing other than the most trustworthy of footwear will do. These are my Ricccardo Banfi gumboots. A combination of rubber durability and leather form, they traverse the ever hard to navigate situation that is a winter, when comfort begrudgingly wins out over style (I joke of course, this never happens…). Yet these perfectly blend simple winter aesthetics with waterproof functionality. In fact the eloquent phrase ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ may have been bandied about. Well, I am a pretty articulate lass.

Stay Rad x

Photo Diary: Japan

Cosplay in HarajukuGoddess of MercyDisneylandPrada Store OmotesandoIMG_7556Dean and DeLuca cinnamon scroll Shinjukuwhite on white tokyoTemple-of-the-Golden-PavillionJapanese-Spider-Crab-OsakaDean and Deluca Shinjuku storefloral pants and bootsJapanese Lanternsosaka style okonomiyakiCastle in the sky robot ghibliDecor at Forbidden Fruits OmotesandoCrepe stand in harajukuCinderella and Prince Charming DisneylandIMG_7538Osaka-Aquarium-dolphinsSake kegs HarajukuFushimi Inari torii gates kyotoCastles in Osakashrine-flags-in-Kyoto-Brown Rice CafeShrine PinwheelsRiver view in OsakaStudio ghibli ticketsForbidden Fruits window display OmotesandoCrepes in Harajuku Japan

1. Cosplay at Harajuku 2. Goddess of Mercy at Fushimi Inari Shrine 3. Disneyland, heck yeah! 4. Awesome Prada store, Omotesando 5. Off duty maid cafe girls, Akihabara 6. The best cinnamon scrolls. EVER 7. Visiting shrines, wearing white 8. Temple of the Golden Pavillion 9. Giant Japanese spider crab – these things are huge! 10. Deliciousness from Dean & DeLuca 11. Floral pants 12. Lanterns in the garden of a shrine 13. Okonomiyaki, Osaka style 14. Studio Ghibli Museum, this is the robot from Laputa, Castle in the Sky ^.^ 15. Decor at the amazing Forbidden Fruit cafe – some of the best juices going ’round 16. Crepe goodness in Harajuku 17. Standard celebrity shot 18. The streets of Akihabara 19. Dolphins at Osaka Aquarium 20. Sake kegs 21. Fushimi Anari shrines, Kyoto 22. Castle views 23. Shrine pennants in the breeze 24. The awesome fare at organic and vegetarian cafe Brown Rice 25. Shrine pinwheels 26. Osaka 27. Studio Ghibli Museum tickets 28. More decor at Forbidden Fruit 29. One of many.

This is seriously one of the coolest places on earth. I’m sure you have read bits and pieces, still words fail. This is the easiest way to describe my time in Japan. Cannot wait till I get the chance to go back.

x x

My Chloé satchel and a farting cat

Matsumoto-castle-street-styleMatsumoto-Castle-street-style-nails Matsumoto-castle-street-style-2 Chloe-tan-leather-satchel

Chloé marcie satchel | Shirt borrowed from W | Cue peplum skirt | Topshop socks and sandals | cherri bellini necklace | H&M gold rings | Santa Monica arrow ring

I will answer everyones burning question first. Yes, that is a cat farting hearts on my finger. Nothing says kawaii than a cat, some hearts and some harmless body emissions. Well I do like getting in to the spirit of things, and crap all over your finger nails is apparently the cats pyjamas here. I do also plan on adding to this collage. Another day, another post…

Farting cats aside.

This is the debut of the new love of my life, my Chloé Marcie satchel. Something in me is drawn to saddle style cross body bags. I would like to put it down to my excellence and diligence at horse riding but we all know that just isn’t true. Perhaps it is because I have not yet reached the stage where I think I need a sleek and womanly handbag, in black. The tan is still young, the shape is still relaxed. I relate to Chloé’s ethos of effortlessly chic. Relaxed yes, but hiding somewhere in the floating silhouettes, feminine. But for now, as a youngin’, I can only be inspired by Clare Waight Keller’s collections.

This is also my attempt to geek up this beautiful Cue skirt (who knew it could be done?). A seemingly anxious, yet accidental, perfectly colour matched bag and shoes. Socks gingerly paired with sandals. Please, dear reader, now picture the anorak I initially had on before the sunshine won out, maps and tickets tucked into handy pockets and a camera swinging proudly from my neck.

Stay rad

x x


Blossom in Osaka


H&M hat and jacket | One Piece fan t-shirt | Vintage Le Ciel Bleu pants | cherri bellini brogues and necklace | Mimco bag | Chloe sunglasses

There is something about living out of a suitcase that never fails to create some killer (read: lazy) go-to outfits. Not only when the clothes towards the bottom are crinkled and therefore end up in the too hard basket, but chiefly those that are a: weather related and b: comfort related.

Yes, I am slightly more on the boho side rather than chic side of the 70’s fence today but I have tried to sate my urge for oversized winter outer layers (see here, particularly more marshmallow shaped in person than in the picture). That smooth shoulder found in all the neoprene, yet is ever so slightly 80’s, but hard to get right. The pants are beautifully tailored and thrifted form a designer second hand store and probably the only pair in Japan that was going to fit my 5’8″ frame, but are still oh so gorgeous, in that beautiful retro mustard. The one piece t-shirt (a popular anime series in which the main character is made of rubber and has aspirations of becoming the best pirate in the world, you know, standard boy-to-man story) is my *ahem* go to bed shirt… This is a nice little blend of all my comfort pieces at easy access, and affords me great comfort day, and night. The fact that im channeling the spirit of jazz with the fedora and brogues is, of course, a happy coincidence.

Aside from clothes my enjoyment today stemmed from the enjoyment of others. This isn’t meant to sound altruistic. More so the fact that as I voyeuristically wandered around Osaka Castle (with a moat that would knock your socks off) I glimpsed a real picture on the way people celebrate the spring here. The fleetingly beautiful blossom creates an amazing blend of joy and anxiety, in the way that the delicate, velvety petals will only last for a week or two, at most. And people really make the most of it. Stunning weddings, first dates, outrageously well organised outdoor picnics under the blossom and, in general, each person keenly aware of their surrounds.

I seriously plan on not making plans at least one day this week and just sitting in a park with a drink or two. I hope I can manage such a small, yet difficult task.

x x

Calico Cat Cafe: Tokyo


First up: cats are not on the menu. No, the theory behind the cat cafes here in Japan is that you pay an hourly fee to spend time with the furry felines sans obligations. Since most people live in pet free apartments, it can be hard for people to get that furry lovin they need, and what better way to experience it than with a hot chocolate in hand and someone else to clean up the poopies? Cats are my favourite animal. There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity for a cuddle, even if it would send W into a sneezing fit the size of the ‘cats versus dogs’ argument.

Through a narrow hallway and a suspect elevator ride we reach the 6th floor and arrive at what smells like a vet. We are greeted in English and are led through the rules of the game. Don’t wake the sleeping cats. Don’t pick up the cats. Only feed the cats the specified cat food purchased from the menu. Easy. We remove our shoes and slide into slippers to be worn throughout the cafe. We wash our hands at the designated sink and wear our lanyards displaying out customer number and time of entry around our necks. We are ready to enter the cafe section. The door softly slides open across the blue carpet.

I can honestly see almost 20 cats in various stages of sleep and awake in the small room. Hiding in boxes, perched on the TV, lying on the counter, roaming, playing, sleeping or feigning disinterest in the foreigners. They are everywhere. This is the top level, and more await us in the lower level cafe section. Down the feline laden stair case and out into a much larger room. Here is where the real party starts. Cats swarm around patrons offering cooked chicken slices. A group of young Japanese girls are in fits of giggles as one cat gingerly steps onto their laps. An older gentleman has woed a particularly flat faced cat to his lap and both are napping. Another pair of girls fastidiously divide their chicken purchases, handing out chicken in strict rations so as to keep the glaring that has formed around them interested for as long as possible. These girls are pros.

An introspective clowder sit on the windowsill and overlook the thriving Shinjuku street below. People leave them be. I ask the lady how many cats they have and she replies that there are 40 out in the cafe at the moment, while many others rest. All cats get rotated every few hours to get some peace and quiet, while those out on the floor are treated with a timidness bordering on reverence.

We finish our drinks and return our lanyards. The hustle and bustle is swamping after the calm company of the previous hour. What a break, and as they say “I spend the time with cute cat”.


Journey to the edge of The Universe: Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Palace TokyoHibiya Park Tokyo 2Hibiya Park Tokyo Hibiya Park Tokyo 3

Forever 21 blazer and denim top| H&M green knit and floral pants  | cherri bellini boots and necklace | Mimco handbag

I am not on a different continent. I am on a different planet all together. I am certainly not the first Southron to bumble unknowingly into the same eastern situations, complete with swirling frosted breezes, carrying in equal quantities blossom petals and tobacco smoke. Nor would I be the first to exclaim at not the size of structures but the sheer expanse of the bewilderingly large buildings. Wandering street level below the hunched grey shoulders of the skyscrapers amongst shockingly bright signs, the differences are just as huge. Neon advertisements, toilet shoes, sweet bread, back to front books, noodle bars, heated toilet seats, vending machines, streamlined organisation, and a Bill Murray a la Lost in Translation scene as my eye line zooms strait over the many glossy black heads surrounding me. Im fairly tall by western standards. There was one lady that I was nearly twice as tall as. And she was in heels.

Moving on.

There is almost too much culture here to mention. Not a breath of Australia has reached me in the past few days. The sports de jour are not the familiar cricket and Aussie rules; here baseball and wrestling teams sport their colours and uniforms with the same meticulous pride shown by the rest of the city. There is a severe lack of fresh food in supermarkets (well, the small ones we find in the city), yet I am overcome with girlish excitement at the rows of Japanese packets, condiments, jars and cans – all with minimal english – to experiment with. Gloved hands show us through doors, gates, elevators and halls, their owners the picture of politeness, topping off such gestures with a bow.

The most marked differences from home are obvious, but it rests wholly on the attitude of the Japanese. Excruciatingly polite. And a great ability on the whole to understand my broken seudo japanese ramblings. What a relief!

*Editors note: As evident, I went just slightly bat crap crazy for some shopping not available on the day-to-day in Adelaide. Don’t let the sunlight fool you. We were freezing. The chilly weather negated my crafty layers and Aussie optimism. Until till tomorrow dear chill, you won this round.

Stay rad.

x x

Maison Blue High Tea

vineyards at maison blue Maison Blue high tea Vineyards at Maison Blue high tea Maison Blue high tea

If you know me at all then you know I am a total sucker for all things high tea. Tea, cupcakes, napkins, bite sized meals, cucumber sandwiches, decorum and ladylike chitchat. A meal enveloped in tradition, passed down from the mother country, an elegant tie to British society that completely justifies my quickly growing tea cup collection (right?).

Masion Blue is a true luncheon enthusiasts hidden gem, tucked down a small dirt road in Aldinga on the Fleurieu Peninsular, and overlooking authentic vineyards and rolling blue skies. The tea room is stunningly bedecked with french doors and all manner of shabby chic decor and sits beside the elegantly large country-style house. The feeling of seclusion is poignant, an escape of both body and mind. The trip out of the city long enough to shake the feeling of suburbia and a provide change of scene, yet close enough for a day trip without much hesitation.

Since the tea room is only available for private bookings, our group enjoyed the entire space and attentive service of the lady who lives here and runs the property, which is also a bed and breakfast in the same vein. What a fitting celebration for my dear Aunty Cata for her 50th (not that you would know it!). We had tea in beautiful tea cups, shared scones and stories and relaxed in the cool room, while viewing the sunshine and heat from behind the safety of a cup of Lady Grey.

For bookings or more information visit Masion Blue online here.

x x

Garden Bliss

mid shotlong shotlayered face swish

Cameo top | Cameo cage skirt | cherri bellini wedges | Bauhaus spike necklace

I can’t help but be an Adelaide label fan girl. Of course, when labels like Cameo make such incredible, yet wearable clothes, it is inevitable. I practically wear this top 24/7 – see it again here. Dress it up or down it doesn’t matter – it always looks fab. And the skirt is, put simply, insanity. This cage skirt hits that point between outstanding architecture and being total kickass that whenever I wear it I feel at least 37% more awesome. I love neutral colour themes as well (okay so half my wardrobe is dedicated to white and beige, and the other half is black) so it’s a little bit of alright when the cut and design speaks for the outfit rather than a loud print. I mean – what exactly is it? How does one wear a cage as a skirt?

The answer my friends is LIKE A BOSS.

Ciao x x

Galactic Fantastic

mirrormid-shot2shoestwisted braidin-the-grass

Vintage jacket | Dress from a night market on Ebenzer Place | Wittner rose gold and tan shoes | cherri bellini clutch | Lovisa earrings | Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Dude, nothin’ like a fabulous print. Nan’s wardrobe divulges another gem in this sun, moon and stars compilation sports jacket – with built in shoulder enhancers (*breathe*). Thrown back with a nature print mini dress with pleats and a leather look top – the colours and textures make me dream of space adventures. I have been watching videos of the meteor crashing into Russia. I am definitely feeling out of this world.

x x

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