A bit out of left field

When I saw this I just could not help myself! Right, so we might not all love air travel (I however happen to love the little pre packaged meals which offer many a bite sized delicacy – yes, I am a tad wierd) but to make things a little easier for some Taiwanese travellers enter: Hello Kitty Airways.



So having a cutsie kitty face on all sorts of things is common place in places like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. So it isn’t really a big jump to go from bags, key chains, dog accessories, PEZ dispensers, and definitely some other far stranger ones if you believe Google images (think teeth fillings… or maybe don’t think about that) to get to Airlines. Really they probably just ran out of things to put the cat face on. But seriously, the three most recently renovated Airbus A330-300’s to hit Taiwan’s EVA Aiways have everything decked out in the beguiling kitty cat style. Did I mention you get to eat her?

Check it!

Other cute finishes include bright pink check in counters, limited edition items for sale and hostesses in pink aprons. But can someone do this for Harry Potter already? For more info check out Oyster’s website: oystermag.com/hello-kitty-airplanes or just go to EVA Air for something so cute you might vom.


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Author:Elli Agars

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