The Dilemma…

ImageRiccardo Banfi – Bosco Green $345


Riccardo Banfi – Taupe and Fur Boot $450

Of course working in a shoe store in Adelaide’s beautiful East End has given me a bat crap crazy obsession for shoes. Lets be honest, being born female was likely to make me just as obsessive. But its not an easy life to live – being surrounded by amazing shoes. The issue of my dilemma? That if I must choose between either of these pairs of shoes I will thus be without one of them! So which one to buy… first? The green pair have the Miu Miu Banana heel, snakeskin patterned platform and a Mary Jane finish. Oh and they are GREEN. And the booties are a beautiful soft purple with fur lining and would be oh so cute with cream stockings and maybe a hint of snow? Can you plan a trip around a pair of shoes? This needs more thinking…


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Author:Elli Agars

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2 Comments on “The Dilemma…”

  1. May 13, 2012 at 8:15 am #

    I’ll go with the taupe and fur boot as long as they are faux fur.
    The color is more enduring and will match with most styling but thats me since my wardrobe is mostly black and grey, lol.
    I love the green one too because its GREEN, my favorite color.
    But I’ll still put my money with the taupe one first 😉
    *now i wonder if you have bought either one already??*

    • May 13, 2012 at 8:54 am #

      I am always the type to play it safe with colours that I wear most often so I have found myself with a lot of neutrals, whites and blacks ha! I did indeed get the taupe booties this week which is very exciting and I can’t wait to wear them – I think they will get a lot more wear than green (but I still might take the plunge yet!) Thanks for reaffirming my choice! 😀

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