Barrio – Adelaide Festival

Equal parts gypsy village, artistic maze and ‘underground’ club, Barrio has the awesome factor by the bucket loads. Ask most Adelaidians about the Adelaide Festival Centre (Hajek) Plaza and the general response is “you mean that weird 70’s concrete place?” *Shudder*. The general aesthetics are pretty drab, lets be honest. Enter Barrio on the scene to quite frankly blow the pants off us all with an amazing use of space, lighting and even turning those awkward Lego shaped things into relaxed (and dare I say it – cool) seating.

The idea behind Barrio is a late night free (after evening performances) club run in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival. It boasts an eclectic mix of music, cocktails and food offerings based on the theme of the night. I moseyed around on the ‘Best in Show’ night, complete with ‘shrine’ offerings of pre-loved or nearly forgotten medals and pennants, vegetables on display, stalls resonating in old country fair glory and, yup, old ladies bakin’ them scones. Getting the idea?

Each night is different so the shantytown morphs in to a different vibe each time, much to the delight of the night dwellers of this time of year. Get there before the end of the Festival. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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Author:Elli Agars

Adelaidian with a love of fashion, music, culture and life.


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